Cisco Catalyst PON 1-port ONT
Make refreshing your passive optical network (PON) easy

Cisco Catalyst PON 1-port GPON ONT
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Cisco Catalyst PON 1-port GPON ONT Switch, PoE+
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Cisco Catalyst PON Series Switches:

With enterprise-grade features such as power and uplink redundancy, Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and simple, low-cost operations, the Cisco Catalyst PON Series gives you what you need today, in a simple, safe, and cost-effective GPON solution.

Extend intent-based networking everywhere

Cisco Catalyst PON Series switches extend the power of intent-based networking. With its family pedigree, Catalyst PON Series switches offer Competitive network solution - it is high performance, simple structure, and easy maintenance.

As foundational building blocks for the Cisco Digital Network Architecture, Catalyst PON Series switches help customers simplify complexity, optimize IT, and reduce operational costs by leveraging intelligence, automation and human expertise. It provides security features that protect the integrity of the hardware as well as the software and all data that flows through the device, giving you what you need now with investment protection on future innovations.

With GPON feature support, bandwidth up to 108 Gbps, double uplink module, power redundancy, ONT PoE+ capability and high aggregation capacity, Catalyst PON Series switches are the industry’s All-Optical solution with differentiated resiliency and progressive architecture for cost-effective optical network access.

CGP-OLT products are compact and high-density network aggregation devices, meeting the requirements of ITU-T G.984 and relative GPON standards, with high access capacity, carrier-class reliability and powerful security function.

CGP-ONT products provide access for comprehensive services, including High-Speed Internet, Video, VoIP, CCTV and CATV to the subscribers in FTTx application with powerful interoperability and stability.

  • All services over one optical network
  • Compact and high-density for various scenarios
  • 1RU for easy and quick installation
  • Easy management and maintenance
  • Up to 16 ports of GPON access capability
  • Redundant power supply and uplinks
  • Flexible downlink options with data, video, voice, CATV, PoE+, Wi-Fi
  • Integrated CPU offers customers optimized scale with better cost structure
  • Template-based configurable allocation of Layer 2 forwarding, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and Quality of Service (QoS) entries

Lower TCO

Fewer cables and lower power consumption

Efficient and scalable structure

Variable splitting ratios that scale as needed while reducing bottlenecks

Enhanced privacy and security

Higher security and privacy at the physical level, data level, and end-user port

Simple network management

Centralized configuration and monitoring of end-to-end devices

Features and Benefits:

Passive Optical Network

  • Passive element is stable, easy to maintain without failure.
  • All-Optical has high bandwidth and great potential for bandwidth upgrade in the future, which is the development trend of bearer network.
  • Simple Network, load balancing and end-to-end network management for easy maintenance.

High Performance

  • The platform adopts all-optical network, which has large bandwidth capacity for carrying multiple services. It has good expansibility and network upgrade space, which is in line with the network development trend.
  • Large bandwidth, the maximum bandwidth of a single user can reach 2500Mbps.
  • One fiber carrying multiple services, supporting voice, video, security, Internet and other services.

High Reliability

  • Support type B protection, backup and disaster recovery protection for PON port.
  • Power redundancy and dual uplink routing to avoid single point of network failure.
  • IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) provides rapid spanning tree convergence independent of spanning tree timers and also offers the benefit of Layer 2 load balancing and distributed processing.
  • IEEE802.3AD Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) provides multiple links binding to achieve uplink backup.


  • The platform provides end-to-end QoS guarantees. Through the comprehensive application of congestion management, priority marking, queue scheduling and traffic rate limiting/shaping, it can meet the user's service quality requirements and create a high-quality network for customers.
  • Service quality guarantee: Based on the IEEE 802.1p protocol, different service class CoS (Class of Service) values are set according to different service types, and differentiated priority processing methods are provided to improve the network quality index such as delay time, jitter, and packet loss rate. Different traffic classifications have different priorities, and different queues such as SP (Strict Priority) and WRR (Weighted Round Robin) are used to perform queue scheduling of data flows for improving the services quality.
  • Bandwidth guarantee: User bandwidth is guaranteed by the application of DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Assignment) mechanism and the traffic rate limiting/shaping function. Generally, the VoIP service is set to a fixed bandwidth, the IPTV and video services are set to ensure bandwidth, and the high-speed Internet service is set to the maximum bandwidth. The data stream is limited and shaped by a plurality of line templates to ensure bandwidth guarantee.

Quick Installation and Deployment

  • Automatic data configuration and delivery, fast service opening.
  • Low-energy equipment to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Easy Maintenance

  • The whole process of passive optical connection makes the network topology stable and reliable, and the fault point is greatly reduced. The network management system can directly manage the user ports of the ONT, provide end-to-end QoS service guarantees for the entire network, and implement end-to-end network management, which reduces the pressure and intensity of operation and maintenance, while improves operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Cisco PON Manager is an embedded GUI-based device-management tool that provides the ability to provision the device, to simplify device deployment and manageability, and to enhance the user experience. It supports Alarm, Performance, Data Configuration and Delivery, Security, Log, Terminal Management and software batch upgrade functions.


Downlinks total 10/100/1000 PoE+ copper ports 1 PoE+ 4 PoE+ 4 PoE+ 4 PoE+ 4 Data
Uplink configuration PON port 1 GPON (SC/APC receptacle) 1 GPON (SC/APC receptacle) 1 GPON (SC/APC receptacle) 1 GPON (SC/APC receptacle) 1 GPON (SC/APC receptacle)
Voice POTS n/a n/a 2 POTS RJ11 2 POTS RJ11 2 POTS RJ11
CATV Coaxial n/a n/a n/a 1 CATV Coax 1 CATV Coax
Wi-Fi n/a n/a n/a n/a 1 Wi-Fi 2.4G/5GHz
USB Type A File mgt n/a 1 USB Type A 1 USB Type A 1 USB Type A 1 USB Type A
Fans fanless fanless fanless fanless fanless
Performance and scalability
Switching Capacity 5.75Gbps 11.75Gbps 11.75Gbps 11.75Gbps 11.75Gbps
Forwarding Rate 5.2Mpps 9.6Mpps 9.6Mpps 9.6Mpps 9.6Mpps
Total number of MAC addresses 2k 2k 2k 2k 2k
Total number of IPv4 routing table n/a 8 static routes 8 static routes 8 static routes 8 static routes
Total number of ARP table n/a 1K 1K 1K 1K
T-CONT/Gemport 8/32 8/32 8/32 8/32 8/32
Transmission Rate DS:2.488 Gbps
US:1.244 Gbps
DS:2.488 Gbps
US:1.244 Gbps
DS:2.488 Gbps
US:1.244 Gbps
DS:2.488 Gbps
US:1.244 Gbps
DS:2.488 Gbps
US:1.244 Gbps
QoS scale entries 8 priority queues 8 priority queues 8 priority queues 8 priority queues 8 priority queues
IP/Port filter entries 20 20 20 20 20
Mac Filter entries 20 20 20 20 20
URL Blocking entries 8 8 8 8 8
Jumbo frames 1,500 bytes 1,500 bytes 1,500 bytes 1,500 bytes 1,500 bytes
DRAM 32MB DDR3 256MB DDR3 256MB DDR3 256MB DDR3 256MB DDR3
Flash 16MB 128MB 128MB 128MB 128MB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.5 x 4.1 x 7.5 in (3.8 x 10.5 x 19.0 cm) 1.7 x 9.4 x 5.7 in (4.4 x 24.0 x 14.5 cm) 1.7 x 9.4 x 5.7 in (4.4 x 24.0 x 14.5 cm) 1.7 x 9.4 x 5.7 in (4.4 x 24.0 x 14.5 cm) 1.6 x 6.6 x 6.9 in (4.0 x 16.8 x 17.5 cm)
Weight 1.9 lbs (0.84 kg) 2.8 lbs (1.25 kg) 2.8 lbs (1.25 kg) 2.8 lbs (1.25 kg) 0.8 lbs (0.36 kg)
Environmental Ranges
Mean time between failures (hours) 830,000 450,000 410,000 360,000 830,000
Connectors and cabling
  • 1000BASE-T ports: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Cat 5E UTP cabling
  • 1000BASE-T SFP-based ports
  • 100BASE-FX, 1000BASE-SX, -LX/LH, SFP transceivers: LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
  • 10GBASE-SR, LR, LRM, SFP+ transceivers: LC fiber connectors (single-mode or multimode fiber)
  • GPON SFP connector
  • Ethernet management port: RJ-45 connectors, 4-pair Cat 5 UTP cabling
  • Management console port: RJ-45-to-DB9 cable for PC connections
Power connectors Internal power supply connector: The internal power supply is an auto-ranging unit. It supports input voltages between 100 and 240 VAC. Use the supplied AC power cord to connect the AC power connector to an AC power outlet.
Management and Standards Support
  • 8021xMIB
  • ciscoMasterMib
  • dot3OAM-MIB
  • garpMib
  • gbnDeviceOEM-MIB
  • gbnDevicePoe-MIB
  • gbnDeviceStack-MIB
  • gbnDeviceSWAPI-MIB
  • gbnDeviceSwitch-MIB
  • gbnL2Dhcp6Snooping-MIB
  • gbnL2DhcpSnooping-MIB
  • gbnL2PortSecurity-MIB
  • gbnL2PppoePlus-MIB
  • gbnL2QACL-MIB
  • gbnL2Switch-MIB
  • gbnL3-MIB-vr
  • gbnL3-MIB
  • gbnL3DhcpRelay-MIB
  • gbnL3If-MIB
  • gbnL3Igmp-MIB
  • gbnL3IPPool-MIB
  • gbnL3Ospf-MIB
  • gbnL3Pim-MIB
  • gbnL3PimBsr-MIB
  • gbnL3Rip-MIB-vr
  • gbnL3Rip-MIB
  • gbnL3RouteCommon-MIB
  • gbnPlatformChassis-MIB
  • gbnPlatformGNLink-MIB
  • gbnPlatformOAM-MIB
  • gbnPlatformOAMMailalarm-MIB
  • gbnPlatformOAMSsh-MIB
  • gbnPlatformOAMSyslog-MIB
  • gbnPlatformOAMTelnet-MIB
  • gbnPlatformSntpClient-MIB
  • gbnServiceCM-MIB
  • gbnServiceMACAUTHEN-MIB
  • gbnServiceRADIUS-MIB
  • gbnServiceRMON-MIB
  • gbnServiceTACACSPLUS-MIB
  • gerpMib
  • IANAifType-MIB
  • IP-MIB
  • lldpMib
  • lldpPrivate-MIB
  • mstpMib
  • ngponMib
  • stpMib
  • ITUT G.984.1
  • ITUT G.984.2
  • ITUT G.984.3
  • ITUT G.984.4
  • ITUT G.988
  • IEEE 802.1w
  • IEEE 802.1x Authentication
  • IEEE 802.3af
  • IEEE 802.3at
  • IEEE 802.3ad
  • IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
  • IEEE 802.1p CoS prioritization
  • IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
  • IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T specification
  • IEEE 802.3z 1000BASE-X specification
  • IEEE 802.3ae
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac
  • RMON I and II standards
  • SNMPv1, v2c, and v3
Safety and Compliance
Safety certifications
  • IEC 60950-1:2005
  • IEC 62368-1:2014
Electromagnetic emissions certifications
  • EN55032:2015
  • EN55035-2017
  • EN61000-3-2:2014
  • N61000-3-3:2013
  • AS/NZS CISPR 32:2015
  • EN 300386 V2.11
  • PART 15B,ICES-003:ISSUE 6
  • VCCI-CISPR 32:2016
Environmental Reduction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) 5

ONT Measured P(W)
Half port traffic Full port traffic No link PoE test (no traffic)
SKU FEP Input 0.01% EEE 10% 50% 100% 0.01% EEE 10% 50% 100%    
CGP-ONT-1P 36W 220VAC n/a n/a n/a n/a 3.01 3.12 3.15 3.21 2.61 33.8
110VAC n/a n/a n/a n/a 2.82 2.91 2.95 2.98 2.23 33.6
CGP-ONT-4P 72W 220VAC 5.78 6.73 6.82 6.86 6.43 7.55 7.68 7.72 5.21 70.2
110VAC 5.73 6.76 6.81 6.92 6.57 7.53 7.58 7.63 5.42 69.8
CGP-ONT-4PV 72W 220VAC 5.81 7.73 7.88 7.92 6.53 8.62 8.72 8.76 5.23 70.4
110VAC 5.83 7.72 7.83 7.91 6.48 8.58 8.67 8.71 5.44 70.0
CGP-ONT-4PVC 72W 220VAC 5.88 7.82 7.95 7.97 6.57 8.65 8.73 8.81 5.25 70.5
110VAC 5.89 7.75 7.88 7.92 6.49 8.62 8.70 8.71 5.46 70.4
CGP-ONT-4TVCW 18W 220VAC 5.40 7.51 7.57 7.63 5.99 8.22 8.32 8.36 4.68 n/a
110VAC 5.18 7.11 7.39 7.41 5.92 8.11 8.25 8.28 4.54 n/a


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Cisco Products
Cisco Catalyst PON Series
Cisco Catalyst PON 1-port GPON ONT Switch, PoE+
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