Cisco Catalyst 9400 Switches
Converge wired and wireless


The Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series, including the new Catalyst 9400X model, are modular access switches built for security, flexibility, IoT, and smart buildings. Catalyst 9400 Series Switches deliver high availability, support up to 9.6 Tbps, and provide the latest in 90-watt UPOE+, giving you a solid foundation for a trusted workplace.

Cisco Catalyst 9400 Switches

A renewed focus on hybrid work

Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever.

IoT readiness

Get the power, automation, segmentation, and reliability needed to support the next generation of smart buildings and IoT.

End-to-end visibility

Move to the cloud with confidence using integrated Cisco ThousandEyes network intelligence. You get visibility from the campus to the cloud.

Foundational technology

Get high density and high availability with hot patching, graceful insertion and removal, and redundant, platinum-rated power supplies and fans.

Faster core, faster access

Get twice the speed and twice the capacity of traditional switches. Use Cisco DNA Center to simplify IT operations.

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