Cisco Industrial Threat Defense
Protect industrial operations against cyberthreats by gaining visibility and control over your OT and ICS

Cisco Industrial Security for your IoT, OT, and ICS

Gain visibility over your Operational Technology (OT) and build comprehensive IoT security capabilities with Cisco Industrial Threat Defense.

Why Cisco Industrial Threat Defense?

From OT visibility to zero-trust and all the way to a converged IT/OT security strategy, rely on Cisco through
your industrial security journey.

OT visibility and threat detection

Assess your risks. Identify what's connected. Industrial Threat Defense leverages your existing network to give you comprehensive visibility, so you can detect threats at scale and strengthen your industrial security posture.

Industrial network segmentation

Prevent threats from spreading. Whether you're building your industrial DMZ, creating zones and conduits, or migrating to a zero-trust micro-segmentation strategy, Industrial Threat Defense has you covered.

Converged threat investigation and remediation

Leverage your existing security tools and practices. Industrial Threat Defense adds OT security events and context to your security operations center (SOC), so that you can build a truly converged IT/OT security strategy.

Cisco Industrial Threat Defense Video

Cisco Industrial Threat Defense is your one-stop industrial cybersecurity solution. Extend IT security to IoT/OT and accelerate your digital transformation.

Cisco Industrial Threat Defense for…


Facilitate digital transformation by enforcing zones and conduits to secure production cells.

Oil and gas operators

Help ensure operations safety, uptime, and compliance with a holistic approach to securing assets in harsh environments.

Power utilities

Secure substations by gaining visibility and control over distributed grid assets.

Water utilities

Develop IoT readiness and system efficiencies by securing wastewater and water-distribution plants.

Port and terminal operators

Help prevent revenue losses and improve automation by protecting terminal assets against cyberthreats.


Improve overall safety, efficiency, and comfort for travelers through a secure network infrastructure.

How mature is your IoT security practice?

Are you taking the right measures to protect your industrial operations? Determine your profile based on security practices that other industrial organizations are implementing.

Build your industrial IoT security foundations

Gain OT visibility to drive security improvements

Assess your OT security posture. Inventory industrial assets. Identify vulnerabilities. Detect process anomalies. Leverage these insights to improve operational efficiency and build ideal security policies.

Reduce the attack surface by protecting cells, zones, or substations

Enforce zone segmentation. Detect malware and intrusions. Protect assets you can't patch. Block unwanted industrial control system (ICS) commands. Stop network threats with our rugged industrial firewalls.

Investigate and remediate threats across IT and OT

Give your IT SOC visibility into your OT network. Enrich OT security events with threat intelligence from your other security tools. Build playbooks to orchestrate remediation without disrupting OT processes.

Implement zero-trust security in your industrial settings

Enforce micro-segmentation policies

Extend software-based network segmentation policies to your industrial control network. Policies are applied dynamically based on zones and conduits defined by OT teams.

Protect industrial workstations from malware

Reduce the attack surface by using advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR) powered by Cisco Talos. Find sophisticated attacks faster and accelerate remediation to maintain uptime.

Secure remote access to industrial networks and devices

Empower OT teams to perform critical day-to-day operations on remote or distributed industrial equipment easily and securely.

Use zero-trust authentication for users and devices

Verify user identity and device security for access to industrial networks, using Cisco Secure Access by Duo adaptive multi-factor authentication.

Industrial security reference architectures

Leverage Cisco Validated Designs to deploy OT security. These fully tested and documented architectures meet the needs of operations and IT.

Threat intelligence and OT security services you can count on

Leading intelligence for comprehensive protection

Industrial Threat Defense harnesses the power of Cisco Talos, our industry-leading threat-intelligence group and the official developer of Snort signatures.

Get help from OT security experts

When you need to assess your OT security to define your plans or get help to implement your OT security tools, reach out to Cisco's Customer Experience teams.

Get incident-response support

Cisco Talos provides a full suite of proactive and emergency services to help you prepare, test your defense, respond, and recover from a breach.

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