Cisco Secure Email Licensing
Advanced protection to safeguard your inboxes

New flexible packages fit for every business

Secure Email offers Essential, Advantage, and Premier bundles. All bundles include the added protection of malware defense and analytics, providing a broad level of file reputation and threat protection for all email security customers. Licenses are per user.

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Cisco Secure Email Licensing
Cisco Secure Email Licensing
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Flexible license options that fit your email security needs:

Secure Email Essentials

Powered by the global threat intel from Cisco Talos, easy-to-manage tools help you spend less time managing alerts. Quickly detect emerging threats and quarantine suspected threats to prevent their spread.

Secure Email Advantage

Includes all Essentials features plus enhanced data loss prevention. Empowers admins to create rules to prevent unauthorised data sharing and encrypt outbound emails.

Secure Email Premier

Includes all Advantage features plus Secure Email Cloud Mailbox with automated threat detection and Secure Awareness Training to teach your teams how to best protect themselves and your organization.

License Comparison

Software Features
Secure Email Essentials Secure Email Advantage Secure Email Premier
Anti-spam, Sender Domain Reputation and URL-filtering
Cisco's proven security applications and features better protect against spam, malicious domains and URLs.
Outbreak filters
Instantly recognize and quarantine suspected threats until they are determined to be safe.
Spend less time on alerts and more time on bigger projects. Provides the first layer of defense to users as an antivirus engine for email scanning.
Secure Email malware defense and analytics
Performs dynamic analysis of advanced malware threats. Includes file reputation with our Secure Malware Analytics built-in sandboxing capabilities.
Yes (limited samples) Yes (unlimited samples) Yes (unlimited samples)
Cisco SecureX
Expand your threat detection and response capabilities using the automation and remediation features in SecureX.
Graymail detection
Allows users to safely receive legitimate marketing emails.
Data loss prevention
Powerful rules and techniques help create disclosure policies to track and prevent unauthorised users from sharing confidential data through email.
Secure Email Encryption Service
Provides content encryption service for outbound emails.
Safe unsubscribe
Allows users to safely unsubscribe from marketing emails.
Secure Awareness Training**
Helps customers conduct automated security simulations and trainings to their end-users, thereby achieving security compliance.
Add-on Add-on
Secure Email Threat Defense
Addresses existing security gaps in Microsoft 365, providing better detection, investigation, and protection against advanced threats, and offering full visibility into inbound, outbound, and internal messages.
Add-on Add-on Yes - MS365 only
Secure Email domain protection**
Helps prevent phishing emails from being sent using a customer's domain(s). Implements the DMARC email authentication standard.
Add-on Add-on Add-on
Intelligent multi-scan**
Provides additional anti-spam classification capabilities by combining the results of the multiple anti-spam classifiers.
Add-on Add-on Add-on
Image analyzer**
Scans for adult content in images contained in emails. Is often deployed along with DLP to implement acceptable use policies.
Add-on Add-on Add-on
McAfee anti-malware
Provides additional antivirus protection as an add-on.
Add-on Add-on Add-on
Cisco Secure Email management*
Provides centralized reporting and message tracking. Quarantines across multiple Cisco Secure Email Gateway Appliances.
Add-on Add-on Add-on

* Needed for on-premises and hybrid licenses only. Included in cloud licenses.
** Can be purchased as standalone offers.

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