Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection
Improve application availability and security with Cisco AppSec and bot protection solutions

Secure WAF and Bot Protection
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Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection
Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection
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In today's economy, your digital business must be secure and available … all the time. But your network and applications are under constant attack, making it difficult to ensure that data is secure and online revenues are protected.

Cisco Secure Web Application Firewall (WAF) and bot protection defends your online presence and ensures that website, mobile applications, and APIs are secure, protected, and "always on."

Advanced WAF and bot management solutions ensure reliable, secure delivery of web and mobile applications while minimizing costs by enabling security policies to easily be deployed across multicloud environments. Advanced bot management uses machine learning and adaptive security to accurately distinguish good bots from malicious bots, ensuring that your network and applications are available to legitimate users.

With business moving online and to the cloud, advanced WAF and bot solutions protect websites, applications, and APIs from attack and ensures that your organization is open for business.


Consistent security policy

  • Easily deploy across multicloud to reduce costs and security risks

Comprehensive OWASP coverage

  • Protection beyond the OWASP Top 10
  • Positive and negative models provide complete protection with minimum false positives
  • Advanced security controls inspect and protect APIs from attack and manipulation

Advanced bot protection

  • Accurately identifies advanced human-like bots that evade fingerprinting technologies
  • Distinguishes good bots from malicious bots with minimum false positives

Auto discovery

  • Continuously scans apps for changes and automatically optimizes security policies

Highly effective application security

Negative Security Models

  • Used in most WAF solutions
  • Block known threats via signatures and rules
  • Cannot protect from unknown threats: zero-day attacks

Positive Security Models

  • Learn and define what constitutes legitimate traffic
  • Block unauthorised access and actions
  • Uniquely protect against zero-day and unknown vulnerabilities


WAFs protect websites from application vulnerability exploits like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery, session hijacking, and other web attacks. WAFs typically feature basic bot mitigation capabilities that block bots based only on IPs and fingerprinting.

Unfortunately, most WAFs often fall short when facing advanced, automated threats. Sophisticated next-gen bots mimic human behavior and often go undetected, abusing open-source tools or generating multiple violations in different sessions.

Against today's sophisticated threats, standard WAF solutions just don't get the job done.

Security Capability Bot Manager Traditional WAFS WAF + Bot
Protection from simple bots Yes Yes Yes
Fingerprinting of malicious devices Yes Yes Yes
Mitigation of dynamic IP and headless browser attacks Yes Limited Yes
Detection of sophisticated bot attacks Yes No Yes
Risk of blocking legitimate users (false positives) Very low High Very Low
Collective bot intelligence (IPs, fingerprints, behavioral patterns) Yes No Yes
Customized actions against suspicious bot types Yes No Yes
Protection for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities No Yes Yes
Protection from API vulnerabilities Limited Yes Yes
Protection for Layer 7 denial of service (DoS) Limited Yes Yes
HTTP traffic inspection No Yes Yes
Masking of sensitive data No Yes Yes
Compliance with HIPAA, PCI Limited Yes Yes
Integration with DevOps No Yes Yes
Blocking of malicious sources at the network level - access control list (ACL) No Yes Yes

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Cisco Products
Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection
Cisco Secure WAF and Bot Protection
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